"A New Experience in Specialty Coffee"

New Alliance introduces ēko Project, uniting tradition and innovation. A new approach to Direct Trade and Fair Trade, joining farmers and roasters like never before.

ēko Project will lead you into the life of the farmers that harvest the coffee that you will serve to your clients, transforming casual suppliers into long-term allies.

The ēko project presents a new generation of farmers! Farmers that not only share the same values as 3rd wave roasters, they share the same lifestyle, worldview, forward thinking, true belief in craft, quality and unconditional passion for coffee.

Fair Trade


Transparency in the whole process and up to 3 times more paid per bag for the farmer... the money in the right hands! "The ēko Project opened new horizons in my family's life and mine. By recognizing the quality of my coffee, I had all my hard work in the fields recompensed and, most of all, a brighter future for my sons."

Make the difference


Your coffee harvest specially for you, year after year, and delivered to you fresh by air or sea! Quality and love for craft in every detail! That's the magic of Direct Trade. Within the new ēko Project concepts, you can now purchase certified specialty coffees, in volumes and payment terms according to the demands of your business.



Coffee seedlings grown in privileged heights and post-harvesting technologies contribute to improving the flavor and aroma, with unique mouthfeel and bouquet. Coffee bean quality, determined by geographical factors, makes this one of the best coffees in the world.

Not just quantity


The ease of operation of the farms leaves the farmers time to focus on quality improvement and experimentation with different cultivars in their constant search for high scoring, high yielding coffee varieties.



Come and know the farmer in person with all assistance from New Alliance! Know one of the most beautiful coffee production regions in Brasil with easy access and get as close as ever to your coffee!